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Why Become Part of the 12 Minute Affiliate Family?


The 12 Minute Affiliate does the techie stuff for you so you can start getting results the first week!


Once your site is going, you can automatically earn commissions several times a week (or even a day). We can’t guarantee how much you’ll earn, some of our 12 Minute Affiliate family make money nearly daily, even simultaneously on multiple products!


Get Up and Running Quickly – With Results 

In as little as 12 minutes, or a bit more for some, you can be on your way to having your entire system automatically earning money for you as you sleep! There’s even an option to have our team do all the work! Once established with your done-for-you traffic, you should see results—and commissions—very soon!

Work in your pajamas…

Or a bathing suit!  If you can follow simple directions, have a computer and an internet connection, you can work from anywhere in the world!

Grow your email list!

With 12 Minute Affiliate, building your niche-specific list is easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy! We have an option to do the work for you, so you can focus on your valuable time with your family. We even will handle the time-consuming follow up with months of emails included.

Short on Time?

You can use the 12 Minute Affiliate in whatever spare time you have. An hour here or there is great!


We do it for you!

Let the 12 Minute Affiliate system take away the guessing game of WHAT to sell and HOW to do it so you can spend your precious time doing the things you love.

Are you ready?

Try the system for just $9.95 (that’s less than a most meals out!) and we’ll have you up in running in about 12 minutes! If you like what we offer, and we know you will, you can keep the system for less than it costs to buy your daily cup of joe!


We offer a 60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you feel, for ANY reason, that you are not getting results from the 12 Minute Affiliate, file a refund request and every cent will be returned to you. But we’re sure you’ll love being a part of our family, just as these members are:

“Slowly scaling [up to] $1k a day [I] can’t be thankful enough to Devon and his amazing email follow up series.”

– Jonathan

“4 new sales today!”

– Glen

“THIS IS THE MOST REAL LEGIT TEAMSYSTEM out there! Tera called me last night (after working hours mind you) to talk me through my issues. … They really go above and beyond and I am really glad I join [this] group of people. You guys are the BEST!!

– David

“Devon, thanks for you and your team’s help I have made two sales this week.”

– Robert